If you are a skilled coder, developer or programmer looking for a steady job on all the job adverts in your city and still not getting any feedback, it’s maybe time to leave things like it and start digging through the online marketplace. In this article we will discuss about some of the benefits of freelancing and best freelancing sites for coders, whether you’re just starting out or already are experienced freelancers.

The Benefits Of Freelancing

As the digital world advanced over the years, it has created a whole marketplace for services, connecting people while up-leveling their skills and opportunities for a better, higher paid and more steady income.

This being said, every developer can now work from home. It’s all simple – and many websites offer it. Working from home requires a computer and a website connection only to begin with.

The best part about online freelancing and working your way from home is – well, are actually many benefits such as:

  • being able to work on projects you like
  • being able to get paid more
  • having the comfort of your own home
  • setting your own workday schedule
  • doing the things you want – when you want them
  • being a part of the new digital revolution

Simply put, being a freelance programmer means being able to control your work – whether it’s three projects you are taking this week or only one that is paying you that BIG salary you always wanted.

The Best Freelancing Sites For Coders, Programmers and Developers

Before you start reading, we want to sort some things out. If you have doubts when it comes to working ‘through the wire’ or whether it is safe, let’s just tell you two things:

1. Working freelance saves you money on transportation, food and many other things

2. Clients and companies are now looking for remote freelance programmers and coders more and more – simply because this is a way to save a lot on their side as well, since a regular position in many countries starts from 70k yearly!

So, what are the best freelancing websites for programmers, on which you should register today – and start working?

1. Upwork

Upwork is a relatively new freelancing platform with many categories and job adverts. It is a child of two of the most popular freelancing networks: Elance and oDesk that are in the process of shutting down – just so they can bring you Upwork, the one-stop destination every programmer needs to visit and sign up to. Registering and applying for a job on Upwork is easy – all it takes are a few simple steps and some basic information to be filled up.

2. Guru

This is a great freelancing website for coders and developers who are looking for a short-term commitments , or in other words working on various smaller projects simultaneously. It has also been one of the most popular freelancing websites for coders known to the industry.

3. Freelancer

With 15 million users present on the network, Freelancer makes finding a job a reality in the most common way. Here, developers compare in no time and send proposals to a variety of adverts – so start sending your own including your skills and experience – and wait to be hired!

4. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn has come a long way now, offering a special featured Jobs section in which you can find jobs tailored to your own interests and skills. The good part? Well, LinkedIn lets you contact direct company profiles – and since this year, the need for programmers has been drastically increased!

5. Fiverr

Although Fiverr is basically set up for smaller projects, its new feature has made this website support gigs larger than $5 as they once were. And what are gigs all about? Well, on Fiverr it’s you who sets up a profile including your portfolio and sort out the things you can do at a particular price (things are called gigs) and you wait for your customers to contact you. Isn’t this a life-saving freelance website?


In the end, there are many other freelance websites you may want to consider, some of them include Hirable, Toptal, StackOverflow Careers, Dice, WPHired (WordPress), WeWorkRemotely. The online marketplace for services is growing – and it needs coders like you, capable of doing what they can best in web development world and not only.